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LCC Wykebeck Complex Needs Centre - Case Study

For this small project three Leeds City Council complex needs centres that specialise in Dementia care and support came together at Wykebeck Valley Day Centre to take part in weekly chair dance sessions delivered by SS Dance & Wellbeing. These sessions were a way for the Dementia groups to come together, socialise. listen to music and to initialise steps to help with health and wellbeing.

The sessions took part every Monday afternoon throughout the summer for 10 weeks. Although it was only a short project the impact on the particpants was very positive.


1. When did you start the sessions with SS Dance & Wellbeing?

1st July – 10th Sept 2019 at Wykebeck Complex Needs Centre


2. What made you interested in the programme?

I (Calverlands Senior Support Worker) heard good things about sessions held at other centres e.g. Lovell Park Hub and thought the exercise would be of benefit to people using the complex needs centres. Also because the sessions are lively with a good range of music.

- Was your organisation involved in any physical activity before you began sessions with SS Dance & Wellbeing?

Wykebeck & Laurel Bank have had sessions of gentle sports e.g. seated table tennis, Boccia and chair exercise delivered by Leeds Let’s Get Active.

Sophie had also run taster sessions at Calverlands.

- How did you hear about the programme?

Through other services e.g. Lovell Park Hub & BAME Health & Wellbeing hub.


3. What kept you interested in the sessions?

The potential benefits for the physical wellbeing and mood of the people taking part and the enthusiasm from Sophie in delivering the sessions.


4. Can you tell me what you/your clients enjoyed about the programme?

Feedback from some of the participants who took part:

"Found it uplifting, joining in with the singing as well as exercising."

"Had a real good laugh."

"I loved the sessions, when is Sophie coming back?"

"Enjoyed getting together with other people. It was lively."

I (Calverlands Senior Support Worker) would like to add that it was great to see people from all three centres taking part in the physical activity together.

- How did your clients feel after a session?

Most of our clients felt happy and some had felt both uplifted and tired (in a good way) after.

- Do you think the sessions could be improved in any way? If so, how?

One lady commented that she had enjoyed the exercises and music but at sometimes found them a bit strenuous for her personally and felt tired afterwards. She said it would have helped her to have a break in the middle and some slower songs, as the pace felt a little fast for her.

- Have you/would you recommend the sessions to other clients/partner organisations?

Yes of course. We have suggested the sessions to the organiser of the carers group to arrange some wellbeing taster sessions for the carers. We will also recommend to Local Neighbourhood Networks.


5. What difference has the programme made to your clients/your organisation?

The course of sessions was a positive experience for the people taking part and the staff involved in supporting the sessions learned relevant information about their specific groups and a lot from Sophie, for example, about the abilities and responses of the people they were specifically supporting and the types of music that work well with the exercises. 

- Have you seen this as a beneficial experience?

Yes. Because even where some people were unsure of the movements or restricted due to health conditions, they still looked to be having fun and could be involved by singing along to the music.

- Have you noticed how dance and exercise can lift the mood of your clients?

I observed people smiling, laughing and singing during the sessions. People expressed that they felt happy and had enjoyed taking part.

- Have the sessions made any difference to your clients?

I understand that some of the people who were new to this type of exercise are now more likely to get involved with similar activities.

- Have the sessions made any difference to how you think about health and exercise? (please share about confidence/self-esteem, happier/feeling more positive, more sociable clients or staff)

People appeared uplifted and encouraged to get involved. The sessions I observed were more sociable than any group exercise sessions I have seen at my gym. There was more to the sessions than just following the exercises because people could join in as much as they felt able and they interacted with each other when they were singing along together. Including staff.

- Would you re-book more sessions in the future?

We would love to arrange again pending arranging further funding.


Feedback was taken across all 3 venues and collated together by the Senior Support Worker at Calverlands Complex Needs Centre.

LCC Wykebeck Complex Needs Centre - Case Study

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